If you tow cargo with a Ram 1500, its technologies will provide big advantages the along way. You can tow equipment that's 12,750 pounds or less on a trailer with a Ram 1500 because it has a solid V8 engine that produces great horsepower.

There is a strong HEMI connected to the V8 engine, and it gives the Ram 1500 its high towing capacity. This truck also has an advanced system that helps out during towing jobs, and it's called eTorque. This piece of hardware replaces the alternator. It doesn't function like an alternator since it's powered by a motorized belt generator. On the road, eTorque's hybrid setup can improve the Ram 1500's payload and handling.

A simple test drive is a practical way to experience how the Ram 1500's engine operates on the road. You can set up a short driving session in a Ram 1500 truck at Sterling Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.



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