The Dodge Challenger is one of the most popular high-performance sports cars on the market today. Dodge combines muscle with cutting edge technology to offer outstanding fuel efficiency. You can enjoy using the power under the hood without worrying about the cost of fuel. The Challenger comes standard with a V-6 engine generating a remarkable 350 horsepower, and still gets up to 30 miles-per-gallon on the highway. This gives it a range of up to 550 miles on one tank of gas. The secret to the Challenger's economy is in its technology.

Choosing one of the available 8-cylinder engines means taking advantage of the automatic eight-speed transmission, along with the computerized fuel saver feature. When the power from all eight cylinders is not needed, the fuel saver shuts off four of them within a fraction of a second. Computerized Variable Valve Timing (VVT) modifies the intake valve timing to improve combustion. This results in greater fuel efficiency, more power, and cleaner exhaust.



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